Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Artist Visionary Cyrus Kabiru is Breathing New Life Into His Surroundings.

A self-taught sculptor and painter, Cyrus Kabiru is crafting visually striking artwork from abandoned refuse he collects from the streets of the Kenyan capital.

"When I woke up every morning, the first thing I'd see was trash," recalls Kabiru, whose childhood home faced a garbage heap where all of Nairobi's waste was dumped in Kenya. "I used to say to my dad that when I grow up, I want to give trash a second chance."

And that's exactly what he went on to do.

Cyrus Kabiru's Optical Art is the most fascinating use of re-purposed materials. As the eyes are the light of the soul, Kabiru has reflected and transported the discarded technology of the western world into a bold transmogrification.

Using wires, spoons and bottle tops, his artistry gains a new lease of life for found refuse materials as vital components of his art pieces. His art depicts the concept of looking at the world through rose colored glasses. He has been able to see trash as treasure, yet more to the idea of peering through the looking glasses and seeing the magic of life, nature and environment.

Kabiru has created other pieces besides his Optical art...

We all have an accountability to the planet. All of the trash, like dirty water going down the drain effect the planet in another part of the world. These pieces of plastic are permeating and permuting the planet. Plastic bottles, plastic wrappers, plastic medicine containers, snack wrappers and plastic grocery sacks, bottle tops, Plastic Cigarette lighters, foam meat trays, medical vials and tubing, Latex gloves, spent diabetes needles, broken television monitors, shoe foam inserts, spent batteries, Polyester, acrylic and nylon clothing, soda cans, water bottles, broken television monitors, car parts etc, etc., Are clogging up our waterways.


PLASTIC DOES NOT BIODEGRADE BACK INTO THE ENVIRONMENT! They represent our toxic waste and a gigantic carbon footprint from each individual, in a consumer society. So many of these plastic fragments are eaten by birds and toxic fluids are consumed by fish. So many animals are choking, suffocating and caught in plastic.
This is the view of Cyrus Kibiru. Since his childhood he had the view of a garbage mountain of imperialistic conspicuous consumerism waste. Through all of the toxic slop, he has made something beautiful.  or call: (816)304-7240

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