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Sba Nuta (Adenike Amen-Ra)


Kansas City, Missouri

Amen Par Ankh (Sacred Temple of Life)


AmenAnkh (Sacred Life) Urban Farms

Amen Communications

*KMT( Kemetic) Libations and *Seasonal Ceremonies
*Full Wedding planning,
*KMT Funeral Services
* Complete AfRaKan Event Planning and Officiant:

Ancient Afrikan Kemetic Spirituality

*Afrakan Storytelling,
*Birthday Parties, *Baby Showers, *Wedding showers, *Wedding Photography, *Travel Agency
*KMT- Afrikan Centered Homeschool Cooperative Network
* Sacred Ceremonies and Holy Days: *Spring New Year Seed Blessings, Harvest: *Umoja Karamu, *Kwanzaa, *African Liberation, *Ancestor Day, *Baby Showers, *Birthday parties, *Elder Recognition, *Ancestral and Funeral Rites, *Rite of Passage, *African Naming, *Home Blessings, *Seasonal Equinoxes and Solstices
* Cultural Gifts: Herbal Healing, Natural Cosmetics, Mandalas, and Domestics,

Motherhood, Birth, Home Blessings, Homeschool Education and Tutoring
* Personal Life coaching and consultations: Purpose/ Destiny, Health, Career, Relationships
* Amen Ankh Activists: Inspirational speaking and lectures Spoken word poetry, Afrakan Storytelling and Historical Readings- Umoja Karamu, Afrakan Cultural Music DJ
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Baba "Rafiki" Myron K Buchanan

EVERY AfRaKaN on Earth Should Have a handmade Red Black and Green Flag 

Made by A Black Owned Business

At AMEN PAR ANKH We MAKE CUSTOM FLAGS, RBG Accessories and Custom Apparel

Contact: 816-281-7075-

DON'T BUY YOUR RED BLACK and GREEN Revolution to add wealth to Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, India OR Mexico! 


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I am available for Lectures, Libations, Griot Spoken Word Presentations, KMT Wedding, Birth and Ascension officiant, Salutations and Blessings for new beginnings, Home and Businesses, Afrikan Storytelling, Conferences and Workshops Contact: or Phone: 816-281-7075

The information on this website has been put together for general information, education, reference, Spirituality Current Events and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to provide medical advice. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any specific condition. Ask your doctor for his professional advice before making radical changes in your diet and lifestyle. 

We must create a pathway for our own youth

Ankh Seneb Wdjet (Life health Spiritual Power) to the Ancient Indigenous Ones globally! Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Unity, Equality, Light and Blessings!

Other Ways You Can Help

Sound travels. If you are unable to contribute financially, please blast this and create the awareness for this campaign to your friends, family, co-workers, your social media, educators, mayors, artists, and EVERYONE. The more we raise, the more we can do! We sincerely thank you for your time and contribution. Htp Ankh Ra (Peace Life Sun.)

Join our Geo Gnome Community and Become a Member of Amen Par Ankh our Sepat/ Geo Gnome!

With your Donations of $30 you will receive your Ebook or autographed copy of

NATION BUILDING HOW TO By: Sasteh Meter Mosley

You are also invited to receive your ancient Kemetic Readings on Destiny, Health, Career and Relationship. You are also eligible to receive your KMT Name and Naming Ceremony.

Contact:, (Paypal:

Call/Voicemail/Text: (816)281-7075

Kandaki Ma Nuta Beqsu Adenike Moses Amen-Ra El

Amen Par Ankh (Sacred House of Life) and Amen Ankh Urban Farm; is a local Urban Farm nestled around a Spiritual Outreach and Education Center in the heart of midtown Kansas City, Missouri. Contact Us and become a member, as We Celebrate the Cycles of Life!

Email: , or, and Call: 816-281-7075 to sign-up for courses and support, information: , , Look for us on FaceBook and Twitter

We Celebrate the Cycles of Life, Wellness and Balance in our everyday existence on earth. We assist in Wellness for Physical Fitness, Mental Health, and Spiritual Attunement - to realize the fullest capacities of life, health, prosperity and strength. We provide Whole Life Coaching, Energy work, A Par Ankh Reading Room, Org-Ankh Electric food Boxes, an Herbal Teas, Outdoor Experiences, classes such as Cultural Headwraps, Natural Hair braiding, beading and Lox twisting, Cosmetics, and Herbal products. Sip and Create- Cultural Event Parties in the Art of Healing Mandalas, Jewelry Making, Gentle Yoga, Canning and preserving food, Fiber Art, Quilting, Health and Wellness Study Courses. We make Custom Gifts and Accessories. We Celebrate and show our respect of nature with Cultural Ceremonies, Workshops and special events. Amen Par Ankh means sacred temple of Life. We Celebrate Life! We provide African Centered Education curriculum and materials, Homeschool Substitute teaching, and Consultation time for internal work, as well as an active study group of our original ways of life.

Ceremony, Counseling, Coaching, Cleansings, and Classes

Amen Ankh Urban Farm is an urban agricultural enterprise with the goal of achieving environmental justice and sustainability by Healthy local food production and improving local neighborhood access to healthy Foods. We run Aquaponic Systems of farm raised fish, Herbs and microgreens. We sell Org-Ankh Electric Food Boxes! We also provide Farm-a-See tours of successful Local Farmers with the “Green Griot”.

We grow selected local indigenous Herbs, Fruits, Vegetable and plant life of the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash/Melons and cruciferous vegetables: Cabbage, and Kale, With Wheat Grass and other Sprouts, Herbs: Basil, Sage, Chives, Rosemary, Parsley, Peppers, with Moringa nutritional drink supplements, -From our foods we produce Baked Goods, cosmetics, & liniments to provide Healing and Sovereignty: Through the inspiration of Kujichagulia (Self-determination) for all Original peoples.

Dua (Th-ankh you!) ♥.

Amen Par Ankh and Urban Farm were established across the span of 2009 and 2012. We organized as a non-profit Par Ankh (House of Life) that focuses on serving the community for balanced change by providing spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life options. Focused on the spiritual aspects of healing and self-help, seminars, classes, Libations, Cultural Arts Events and services, Outreach, spiritual teachings and private Consultations sessions are offered. In 2012 The Amen Ankh Urban Farm was opened as a Teaching and Therapeutic farm to show the economically sustainable possibilities that any family can have right in the middle of a food desert and urban neighborhood. We began doing business as Amen Par Ankh Wellness Center and opened our second location, the Auset Pr Ankh. Since the opening of our offices, hundreds of people have benefited from profound emotional, spiritual, and physical improvements and have been provided the tools to continue moving themselves forward toward life health, prosperity and wellness.

Nestled in the heart of Kansas City’s Urban Core, The Amen Par Ankh is a place where people find healing and refuge from their everyday lives and problems. Working one-on-one with individuals, a customized plan is developed to meet their needs through hands-on energy work, nutritional counseling and spiritual advisement by offering traditional and non-traditional spiritual, mental and physical healing systems designed to inspire the body…calm the mind…and soothe the soul.

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