Thursday, December 22, 2016

Adenike's Art and Gifts

In 1991, Adenike’s Arts opened specializing in original handcrafted notions, and accessories. Creating is a healing holistic therapy for the wellness of our Gnomes and Kalands! We celebrate the circles of life as Kemetic Aboriginal Ministers, Officiating in Weddings, African Consultations, Akabalon Namings, Home Blessings, Seasonal Events and Performance Arts. We practice color, light, sound and aromatherapy as well as the study of  electromagnetic energy healing. There is color, elemental energy to empower, inspire, and to assist in advancing Abundance, Wealth, and Prosperity. I hope you enjoy our Discussions on Arts and Crafts, Health, Mandala Healing, Native Aboriginal and American Cultures unlimited. We will explore the Sol-Feggio, Fractal Energy and the Secret Life of Plants. Helpful Hints, and Aboriginal philosophy. We Welcome your contributions to the discussions. Please Contact us for Arts, Healing, Ceremony and Classes
For more info., check out our website: Email: , , , Call: 816-281-7075 Please Support our "Farm-a-See" Wellness mission: