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In 1991, Adenike’s Arts opened specializing in original handcrafted notions, and accessories. Creating is a healing holistic therapy for the wellness of our Gnomes and Klans! We celebrate the circles of life as Kemetic Aboriginal Ministers, Officiating in Weddings, African Consultations and Namings, Home Blessings, Seasonal Events and Performance Arts. We practice color, light, sound and aroma therapy as well as the study of Crystals and electromagnetic energy healing. There is food, color, aroma elemental essence in every venture to empower the Aku to assist in advancing Abundance, Wealth, and Prosperity. I hope you enjoy our Discussions on Arts and Crafts, Health, Mandala Healing, Native Aboriginal and American Cultures unlimited. We will explore the Sol-Feggio, Fractal Energy and the Secret Life of Plants. Helpful Hints, and Aboriginal philosophy.

Using the Spiritual Name of Nuta Beqsu, Adenike Amen-Ra is a Queen mom of many Grand Princesses and Princes, living in the urban Kansas City Area. Looking for solutions to the cycles of violence, health disparities, poverty, and inequalities in wealth, she opened the Amen Par Ankh, a Natural Life Center, and Amen Ankh Urban Farm. This is a green space for Child Care, Home Scholars, an Independent Library and Home Blessings and Notions. She is a blogger and respected public speaker and educator who has conducted several workshops at various organizations, served as a panelist and as keynote speaker at regional meetings. Nuta Beqsu means (heaven gives me balance) Nu, Nut, and Ta are Elemental powers of the Heavens: Nu is Atmosphere, Moisture, and Water. Nut is the Sky goddess. She represents the cosmos and the universe. The Universe is always giving birth to new solar systems and stars. Ta is the original word for place, land, home, domain, and/or existence. We are all a part of and belong to, the Universe. Our land is our home, and the place for the empirical existence that we are experiencing. Nuta Beqsu seeks to live in balance and harmony between the planetary and heavenly existence. We are all connected to the land, trees, microcosm and macrocosm, Inner verse, Yoni-verse and universe. A name is an affirmation that will be programmed into conscious spirit, to produce thought sequences to direct a course of action, as way to achieve success in life. Visualization is thought converted into a pleasurable visual image(s) to achieve a goal and/or purpose. We connect with Divine Power to guide and direct our pathways. As a divine name is spoken the receiver has unity of direction in life. A name reflects the Destiny. So, the sight Sound, vision, smells and colors associated with a divine name will give guidance in ones pathway.

Amen Par Ankh offers Consultations for Destiny, Health, Career and Relationships, as well as aname from the Ka-Ma-Ta societies.

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Dua (Th-ankh you!) ♥.

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