Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ADENIKE My Crown Is Precious

This poem is and expression of the meaning of my name, which means "the Crown is Precious," and my alignment with my Ancient Ancestors, who traveled and establish civilizations all over the planet. We are all composed of stardust.  We are Children of the light. It is my wish to instill positive self esteem within our youth, and their appearance in the world. Our hair is our beautiful spiraling crowns. The melanin of our skin is a phenomenal covering that is healthy and gorgeous. There is nowhere on this planet, where our Ancient Ancestors have not been. Even right here in the Americas. We were always here before the Caucasian explorers and invaders ever appeared.

As a little girl, my Mom would hot comb my hair for church. l recall, sitting very still in a kitchen highchair, listening to the grease and my hair crackle and pop through the hot comb, and going through the fear of getting burned on my ears or face. I remember her saying , "let me get in this kitchen!" I lived in an integrated environment throughout my childhood, often bullied by caucasian children, who pulled and spat in my hair. Every day I ran home from school to wash my hair. I remembered feeling sorry for myself. I hated myself. Then I remembered one day crying, then wiping away my tears, and just looking in the mirror, and saying to myself, That god made me perfect, just the way I am. I learned to embrace myself... I remember the 70s era and watching many Indigo women wear their hair in Natural Afros, as an expression of Black power. I wore my natural Afro and refused to ever straiten my hair again. My mother bought me wigs to hide my hair at public events. She wanted me to conform and be accepted by caucasians. Later, As an adult, I wore my hair in lox and embraced my KMT Ancient Afrikan Heritage. Now I teach other Indigo Afrikan Girls about natural living, health, and Wellness, whenever I can, using the Black Panther food program model, with Amen Ankh Akademy ACE Green STEAM Home School Network and You G.R.O.W.W. Girls- Teach a Girl, Heal a Nation… "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." i have created a Poem about my hair... Called: "ADENIKE! -My Crown Is Precious!"

Adenike's Art Original Hand Crafted Designs

In 1991, Adenike’s Arts opened specializing in original handcrafted notions, and accessories. Creating is a healing holistic therapy for the wellness of our Gnomes and Klans! We celebrate the circles of life as Kemetic Aboriginal Ministers, Officiating in Weddings, African Consultations and Namings, Home Blessings, Seasonal Events and Performance Arts. We practice color, light, sound and aromatherapy as well as the study of Crystals and electromagnetic energy healing. There is food, color, aroma elemental essence in every venture to empower the Aku to assist in advancing Abundance, Wealth, and Prosperity. I hope you enjoy our Discussions on Arts and Crafts, Health, Mandala Healing, Native Aboriginal and American Cultures unlimited. We will explore the Sol-Feggio, Fractal Energy and the Secret Life of Plants. Helpful Hints, and Aboriginal philosophy. We Welcome your contributions to the discussions. Please Contact us for Arts, Healing, Ceremony and Classes
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