Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Artist Visionary Cyrus Kabiru is Breathing New Life Into His Surroundings.

A self-taught sculptor and painter, Cyrus Kabiru is crafting visually striking artwork from abandoned refuse he collects from the streets of the Kenyan capital.

"When I woke up every morning, the first thing I'd see was trash," recalls Kabiru, whose childhood home faced a garbage heap where all of Nairobi's waste was dumped in Kenya. "I used to say to my dad that when I grow up, I want to give trash a second chance."

And that's exactly what he went on to do.

Cyrus Kabiru's Optical Art is the most fascinating use of re-purposed materials. As the eyes are the light of the soul, Kabiru has reflected and transported the discarded technology of the western world into a bold transmogrification.

Using wires, spoons and bottle tops, his artistry gains a new lease of life for found refuse materials as vital components of his art pieces. His art depicts the concept of looking at the world through rose colored glasses. He has been able to see trash as treasure, yet more to the idea of peering through the looking glasses and seeing the magic of life, nature and environment.

Kabiru has created other pieces besides his Optical art...

We all have an accountability to the planet. All of the trash, like dirty water going down the drain effect the planet in another part of the world. These pieces of plastic are permeating and permuting the planet. Plastic bottles, plastic wrappers, plastic medicine containers, snack wrappers and plastic grocery sacks, bottle tops, Plastic Cigarette lighters, foam meat trays, medical vials and tubing, Latex gloves, spent diabetes needles, broken television monitors, shoe foam inserts, spent batteries, Polyester, acrylic and nylon clothing, soda cans, water bottles, broken television monitors, car parts etc, etc., Are clogging up our waterways.


PLASTIC DOES NOT BIODEGRADE BACK INTO THE ENVIRONMENT! They represent our toxic waste and a gigantic carbon footprint from each individual, in a consumer society. So many of these plastic fragments are eaten by birds and toxic fluids are consumed by fish. So many animals are choking, suffocating and caught in plastic.
This is the view of Cyrus Kibiru. Since his childhood he had the view of a garbage mountain of imperialistic conspicuous consumerism waste. Through all of the toxic slop, he has made something beautiful.  or call: (816)304-7240

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Earth Day Black Queen Mother Goddess

The Amen Par Ankh in Kansas City is celebrating Earth Days beginning Saturday, April 19th, at 9:00am, until the end of the month of April. We will have an internet radio presentation with workshops on Envisioning, make and take gifts, of $5-  Mandela Healing circles, Dream Catchers, Smudge sticks, and Vision boards. At 10:00am.

Earth day is held around the season of Lent, Passover and Easter or "Resurrection day" and is an annual celebration usually recognized, April 22. Many special events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for Ecology and environmental protection and stewardship. Mother Earth is a nurturing life giving. She responds to the season and elemental powers of the son and atmosphere.

The First Council of Nicaea (325ad) established the date of Easter as the first Sunday after the full moon (the Paschal Full Moon) following the March equinox. Ecclesiastically, the equinox is reckoned to be on 21 March (although the astronomical equinox occurs on 20 March in most years), and the "Full Moon" is not necessarily on the astronomically correct date. The date of Easter therefore varies from 22th of March to 25th of April.

The name "Easter" is merely the slightly changed English spelling of the name of the ancient Assyrian goddess Ishtar, pronounced by the Assyrians exactly as we pronounce "Easter." The Babylonian name of this goddess was Astarte, consort of Baal, the Sun-god. The Teutonic Goddess Eostra was known as the Goddess of Spring and fertility... Under Constantine in the 4th century AD, the Christians assimilated this festival and called it the Resurrection. So the name Easter is derived from the Goddess Oestare, Ostern, Ishtar,Astarte, Eostra or Eostre, depending upon which cultural literature you read.

The female hormone oestrogen (estrogen) can claim its roots to this Goddess. The fertility aspect of Ostara is symbolized by the egg. It is believed that eggs and another symbol of fertility - the rabbit - surrounded the Spring Goddess, Eostra. Hot cross buns were another stolen aspect of Ostara by Christians... At the feast of Oestre, an ox was sacrificed.. The ox horns symbolized the feast and were carved into ritual bread . The symmetrical cross has been continued to decorate the buns, that are now commonly called hot cross buns.. So you see it was stolen from the Pagans, Life, Death, Rebirth, it represents to us. The Christians stole it to represent the Resurrection.
Lent was observed in Egypt (Wilkinson's Egyptians). This Kemetic (Egyptian) Lent of forty days was held expressly in commemoration of Asar (Osiris,) symbolic of all things green and growing. (The Two Babylons, by Hislop, pages 104 and 105, and Sabean Researches, by Landseer, p. 112).
Many figurines of what appear to be an amply endowed and pregnant human female, have been unearthed during archaeological excavations. This Icon of the Great Queen Mother Goddess is symbolized to help us to embrace our planet and reconnect with life and all nature.

One of the most famous of these figurines, is the Venus of Willendorf. She is believed to have been carved somewhere between 24,000 to 22,000 BCE, in the Upper Paleolithic or late Stone Age. It is widely believed that these figurines represent the mother goddess of fertility.
These most ancient depictions of a mother goddess further suggest a more sophisticated and global view of a creator goddess or Earth Mother. This “Earth as Mother” motif is found in many mythologies around the planet. The goddess figure embodies or personifies a fertile earth. She is seen as the creative force, often giving birth to a myriad of other deities, or to the universe itself.

In Sumerian mythology, the earth goddess Ki (cuneiform ki is the sign for earth) as the consort of Anu, an earth god. It is Anu and Ki who give birth to the Anunnaki, recently made popular by proponents of Ancient Astronaut Theory. The notion of an earth mother and father Mut or Maut is the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) mother goddess. Mut was known as the “primal mother of all who was born of the sun.” As a creator deity, Mut was revered as the mother from whom the cosmos emerged. She is associated with the waters of Amen, from which everything was born through parthenogenesis, a form of asexual reproduction in which the development of embryos occur without fertilization- Immaculate Conception… (shades of the virgin birth mythos?)

Kemetic deities evolved over time. As the old kingdom gave way to the middle kingdom, Mut was transformed into Het-Heru (Hathor), and ultimately Auset (Isis). Auset is the goddess of the earth. This page describes her in her capacity as Mother Nature, the goddess progenitor of animals, and the inventors of new plant life. Ancient Greeks identified Auset with the goddess Aphrodite (
foam-arisen) and the Romans as Venus. Both Aphrodite and Venus were considered goddesses of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and, through association as Earth Mother.
Just as Aphrodite is portrayed as emerging from the sea upon a scallop shell, so is the ancient title for the Blessed Virgin Mary the Star (Polaris or the North Star) of the Sea. With Mother Mary, the virgin birth motif is carried into Christian mythology. Although modern Christianity does not necessarily view Mother Mary as an Earth or Mother Goddess, early Christian sects, circa 300AD did.

Modern western culture has multiple representations of Earth Goddess. Most widespread is the Mother Nature motif. Another popular and more recent representation of Earth Goddess is Earth as Gaia. The ancient Greek earth goddess Gaia has in modern times become the name for Gaia philosophy, where it is postulated that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulating, complex system that contributes to maintaining the conditions for life on the planet.

An intriguing psychedelic and shamanic mythology for Mother Nature is personified in the South American Mother Ayahuasca motif. Mother Ayahuasca is a benevolent and loving entity encountered by shamans.
In our modern world of climate change and renewed pressures placed upon our precious natural resources, a deeper understanding of “Goddess” or Queen Mother earth based philosophy is vitally important. Let us not forget that our shared Mother Earth is but a tiny speck in the vastness of space.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Ankh the Womb of life and the Queen Mother Goddess of the Natural Kingdom

The Queen Mother Goddess is the Earth
Ankh: The Kemetic Womb of Mankind and Symbol of Eternal Life

The Ankh is pure Feminine Energy.  She represents the Universe as Queen Mother Goddess. These are signs and symbols of our ancient Ancestry, dating back to the beginning of humanity.

MA Ancient Mother Goddess

The adoration of "MA", the Queen Mother/Goddess can be recorded as far back in time as the hunter Gatherer Gnome societies. Her name was uttered as MA. This is a monosyllabic tone that resonated as a sound of power or an energy vibration. The Queen mother was supreme. She held all of the wealth and knowledge of the cosmology of the Gnome. She was Griot- the Melanin Memory bank of creation.

The Willendorf Goddess represents Gaia, Mother Earth in all her raw and fertile beauty. Her proud stance and her great- nurturing breasts, are one of the earliest spiritual images of meditation, tranc, and spiritual consciousness. The Mother Goddess was the All-Universe. This is a powerful reminder that there is an older standard for feminine beauty.

Venus of Wellendorf

The Queen Mothers were thought to have conceived their children from the sun! 

The sun was considered the “Savior of the World,” as it rose and brought light and life to the planet. It was revered for causing seeds to burst and thus giving its life for plants to grow; hence, it was seen to sacrifice itself in order to provide fertility and vegetation. The sun is the “tutelary genius of universal vegetation,” as well as the god of cultivation and the benefactor of humankind. When the sun “dies” in winter, so does the vegetation, to be “resurrected” in the spring. 

Many have heard of the Amazon Warriors. In 1861 Bachofen published his radical thesis that the Amazons were not a myth but a fact. In his view, humanity started out under the rule of womankind matriarchy, and only switched to patriarchy at the dawn of civilization


The Amazon were select Women who provided security and protection for the Queen Mother. There was a time when women procreated alone. - without a male partner. There were no men born. Inherently, men were created as a choice. So men were a choice that womankind promoted through parthenogenesis and selective birth. Initially, men only served as drones around the Queen. The original relationship was of a Mother and Sun. The firstborn Son was titled Nsdbity (Sun of the Black Bee- Bee King) 

This reminds me of a passage from Sojourner truth’s Recitation of “Aint I a woman?” which states, “Where did your Christ come from? From God and a woman! A Man had nothing to do with Him.” 

Ptah holding the trinity of the Djed and Was Scepters along with the Ankh

The Nsdbty would be selected by a council to be matched with a young queen to be her visor and consort. All of the storehouses of wealth and knowledge would be passed down from queen to queen. So the daughter would inherit the Land, Animals, and all Personal Property, of which, she would pass on to her daughter or Granddaughter. She deferred to her king divine law and the protection of her estate.

Although the Ankh is a feminine symbol of the womb of life and eternity, many are still unwilling to embrace the full power and force of this symbol of pure feminine energy. Many are still spreading a false western European patriarchal notion of the phallus/ Trinity, to tie our ancient ancestral system to blind and calcified sociopolitical systems, and to dilute and diminish the essence of the Ankh and her representation of Ma/eternal energy. There are masculine symbols of the Djed, Was and the wdjet eyes that have been used historically to tie to the Indigo families of creation. 

Kandaki Ma Nuta Adenike AmenRa El
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